Modify Your Child Custody, Visitation Or Support Agreement

Major changes will happen throughout your life. Fortunately child custody, visitation, child support and spousal maintenance agreements are not set in stone. A change in circumstances will often warrant adjustments to your custody or support agreements. At the Law Offices of Linda K. Bertolette, LLC , we offer knowledgeable assistance for child custody and support modifications.

Common changes in circumstances which require agreement modifications include:

  • Relocation
  • Increased or decreased income since the judgment
  • Sudden unemployment
  • Parental requests for more time with the children

  • Having had another child since the parenting plan was created

Changes may mean that you will need to change visitation schedules, modify child support or alimony payments or change custody orders. When you step into our office we will review the existing judgment and discuss your evolving circumstances and establish a plan. If your co-parent is not holding up their end of the agreement, then we can help you file a motion for contempt of nonpayment of support. This will allow you to receive back child support payments.

Fixing Mistakes And Miscalculations

It is important to retain an experienced family law attorney from the start. Many clients seek our assistance after entering into unfair agreements without oversight from an experienced lawyer. An unrealistic child custody agreement can leave parents frustrated and children unhappy. Miscalculations in child support and spousal maintenance agreements can become very costly. You may receive too little every month, struggling to make ends meet. Or one parent may pay too much, losing thousands of dollars every year.

At the Law Offices of Linda K. Bertolette, LLC , we assist in modification of child custody agreements, as well as modifying child support and alimony agreements. Once you retain our services we will discuss the established agreement and find a plan which will leave all parties satisfied.

Schedule A Free Consultation Today To Get Started On A Better Agreement

A change of circumstances may make your child custody, visitation, child support or spousal maintenance agreements unmanageable. It is important to get started on a plan to correct the issues today. Call our office in West Hartford, Connecticut, at 860-541-5892 , or fill out our online contact form .